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This Is The Trivia Page

The Average cost for a standard Trivia show at a Lisenced venue in the Brisbane Metro area and surrounding Suburbs is *$175, including GST.
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If you would like to have a combination of Trivia and Karaoke,
please click ["Here"] (Cost will vary)
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Or call me on 0408741287

Sample Question 1

Who was the first person to appear on Australian TV

Possible Answers

A Bert Newton
B Bruce Gyngell
C Brian Henderson
D Graham Kennedy

Trivia has been around for a fair while now and is becoming more and more popular. There are some shows that are very serious, and have a competition all through the year, semi-finals, and grand finals. These are ok but take the fun out of it. My shows are purely for fun, the questions are simpler, but where applicable the prizes probably arent as great but in the end, those who attend the show will have fun

Sample Question 2

What is the Easternmost part of Australian territory?

Possible Answers

A Coral Sea Islands
B Lord Howe Island
C Norfolk Island
D Byron Bay

Sample Question 3

What causes the tides on Earths Oceans?

Possible Answers

A Earths Rotation
B The Sun
C Moon and Sun
D The Moon

Sample Question 4

How many number 1 hits did Air Supply have in Australia?

Possible Answers

A One
B Three
C None
D Two


Q1(B)Bruce Gyngell

Q2(C)Norfolk Island
Q3(C)Moon & Sun



His words at the start of the first Australian TV Broardcast in 1956 were "Good evening and welcome to television"
Norfolk Island is controlled by the Federal Govt, and is 167.95 degrees East.

The combined gravitational pull of the Moon & Sun together causes the ocean tides
They were more popular in the USA, where they achieved 2 Number 1 hits than in their homeland

*Price correct as at September 21 2006 but may change without notice.

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