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This Is The Karaoke Page

Simply write your Name, Your Song and Song Code on the slips provided bring them up to my partner or me and we will put you up in turn.

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The Average cost for a standard Karaoke show at a Lisenced venue in the Brisbane Metro area and surrounding Suburbs is *$300, including GST.
For a more Accurate Quote Click ["Contact"].
If you would like to have a combination of Karaoke and Trivia,
please click ["Here"] (Cost will vary)
{Please include your area and contact details}.
Or call me on 0408741287

Any enquiries?
Click "Contacts" button at the top or bottom of the page and Email me with your show requirements and contact details.

Song Sample

Dream On -

Yesterday -

The Rose -
Bette Midler

Night Mives -
Bob Seger

Runaway -
Del Shannon

Karaoke is all about having fun, enjoying yourself and with some work you can improve your singing ability. I personally know of one specific person who started out singing at karaoke, and now he is an international star and very successful. He has won competitions internationally against some pretty stiff competition. He works as an Elvis Presley impersonator. His name? Dean Vegas, and he is brilliant. There is often a huge misconception about karaoke: "Just a bunch of drunks making fools of themselves." Well yeah there are some that appear that way, and feel they need to be drunk to do a great job. BUZZZZZZ, wrong in 99% of cases you actually sound worse when you are plastered so, hey maybe one or two drinks for courage but no more. A seasoned karaoke singer will get on stage without the "Dutch Courage". So give it a try.

Song Sample

Proud Mary -

CC Rider -
Elvis Presley

Carrie -

Fame -
Irene Cara

Amazed -

Capital Imports is probably the best place around to purchace karaoke disks and equipment. They have a huge range and are competitivly priced.

Link to Capital Imports

In most cases a normal karaoke show runs for about 4 hours, with an estimated song time of around 4 minutes, (some are a deal longer, up to about 9 mins total) this equates to about 60 songs in a show maybe a few more. If you run a venue its in your interests to have the show finnish about 30 mins before closing time, this way the clients disperse and I can pack my gear down and be gone so the staff can go about their closing duties uninterrupted. While this is standard times, I am flexible and can adjust the times accordingly.

With over 2000 songs I have a fairly good cross section to please most people. From Abba to Aerosmith, Banarama to Bob Seger, Frank Sinatra to Fine Young Cannibals, Im sure to have a song or two to please just about anyone. This listing is always being added to and yes I will play other people disks as long as they are originals. Have a go, you could win a prize.

*Price correct as at September 21 2006 but may change without notice.

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