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This Page Is About The Owner and Company

About Keith

I have been involved in the Karaoke Scene in Brisbane since 1997 when I first started as a very nervous Karoke Singer. However after a short time I became more relaxed and sang more and more songs. Yes I "killed" the first song I ever did and vowed that I would never get on stage ever again... Well, I changed my mind after being persuaded by friends who saw more in me than I gave myself credit for. And for the last few years I have co-hosted shows and even run a few of my own with a great partner.


About RTTE

I started running Karaoke in Brisbane under the banner of
"Rock This Town Karaoke".
After seeing how much fun Trivia Can be, I decided to incorporate it into the business. And create the "Parent" business:
"Rock This Town
Entertainment". While I am not one of the bigger Operators around at this point in time, I offer a quality show, and I am building the business gradually to provide one of the best around.


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