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Gola fra Evans "Kassja" is a 5 year old registered Icelandic mare. She was born on Orcas Island and came from Wanda Evans' Icelandic Horse Farm. In Icelandic Gola means "light breeze". Kassja is being started under saddle.

It is uncanny how this mare is so in tune with me. When I was looking at Wanda's herd of 15 horses, it was quite fascinating. They all come into the round pen. They love attention, and they love people. So, naturally they want to all crowd around. Little by little, they disperse and go back into the field. When only a few were left inside the round pen, I realized that Kassja was still focused on me. And that's when I fell in love with her. It doesn't matter what she is doing in the field, she will always turn so that she is facing me, and actually come to the fence closest to me, as well as nicker to me. Regardless of the time of the day, in the middle of her meal, she always comes running to greet me. This is why I love this breed. This is very much like the love that Shoni gave to me.

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