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Vegiriya Temple and Devalaya

Vegiriya Temple is situated at Vegiriya about 2.5 kms from the Kalu Wahalkada Junction on the Gampola Kandy Road

The Viharaya has a sedent Buddha image and a stupa, There are two beautiful moonstones at the entrances of both the Viharaya (temple) and the Devalaya and a stone doorway in the former. The Devalaya is dedicated to Deity Natha.

The temple has a long history supported by Brahmi inscriptions belonging to the pre Christian era at a cave with a drip ledge which is called "Vavul Gal Lena". The cosntruction of the temple is attributed to "Mayim Bandara".

Two beatiful sataues of Natha and had his consort Tara made of clay or stucco can be found inside the Devale. During the Kandy period, Natha was was the highest ranking deity, and then is was Vishnu, Kataragama and Patini in that order. It is also believed that the “Natha” appeared in many forms in Sri Lanka in different regions and during different Eras. One of these forms is “Avaloktheeshvara” Bodhisattva who is a highly worshipped Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism.

A rock inscription dated Saka year 1357 ( 1415 AD) records benefactions to Lokeshvara Natha in the reigns of Vickramabahu III (1357-1374) and Buwanekabahu V (1371-1408) of the Gampola Kingdom.

Primary Source : "Kandy"
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Home > Heritage > Kandy > Vegiriya Temple and Devalaya

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