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Suriyagoda Viharaya - Yati Nuwara

Suriyagoda Viharaya is located in the Yatinuwara Area along the Kandy -Colombo road. This temple is said to founded in the 15th century by a Rajaguru (Mentor of the King) called Bandara appointed by King Parakramabahu VI of Kotte. Bandara was not only a mentor to the King but also to the Great Velivita Saranankara Thero. Velivita Saranankara Thero was ordained under Suriyagoda Maha Thero and studied under the Rajaguru Bandara in this very temple. Later this temple was called "Narendraramaya" (or Narandrasinghe Viharaya) because of the support given by king Viraparakrama Narendrasinha (1707 - 1739).

This viharaya consists of a Stupa and an Image House. The image house is built in the form of a "Tempita Viharaya". These are structures built on a elevated wooden platforms. This Tempita Viharaya is built on nine wooden pillars on which wooden cross beams run to support the shrine room.

The Buddha and the other images are well preserved in this building but the wooden beams are half burnt. Being close to Danthre where the Portuguese Army faced a humiliating defeat against the Sinhalese, this was probably caused by the retreating Portuguese army. The walls inside the shrine house is painted depicting life story of Buddha and has been drawn by the artist called Deldeniye Chitra Naide.

The precious objects found in the temple include Buddha statues (including one Bronze statue of Maithree Bodhisatva) , old manuscripts written by Velivita Saranankara Thero and a relic casket.

Source : "Kandy"
By Central Cultural Fund

Home > Heritage > Kandy > Suriyagoda Viharaya

Created July 9, 2007
Updated July 28, 2007
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