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Aludeniya Viharaya

This temple is located on the Kandy - Gampola road is said to be built by a person called Maayim Bandara during the reign of King Buvanekabahu IV of Gampola Kingdom.

Nothing of historical significance remains today in this temple except a wooden doorframe called "Ranbewa". This beautifully carved doorframe with floral vegetal designs with friezes of dancers, musicians, images of couples and flying Gansharvas is placed as the main entrance to the Vishnu Devale ( Shrine for Deity Vishnu) of the temple.

It is said that this door frame was brought here from the Royal Palace of king "Buwanekabahu IV. "This doorframe can be regarded as the earliest example of wood carving which has so far come to light in Sri Lanka.

According to an old document at Maninarama at Veligalla, a wooden door frame called "Ranbewa" was sent as a gift from Kotte to Gampola and it was deposited at a two storied building in Aludeniya Viharaya.

To reach the temple travel along the Kandy-Gampola Road untill you come to Veligalla. Turn right (if you are comming from Kandy side) and travel about a mile to reach the Aludeniya

Source : "Kandy"
By Central Cultural Fund

Home > Heritage > Kandy > Aludeniya Viharaya

Created July 14, 2007
Updated July 29, 2007
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