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The Greek Gods

The truth behind each god


Zeus lord of the gods and sky

Zeus's brothers were Poseidon and Hades and his father was Cronus. Zeus overthrew his father Zeus became ruler of the gods and the lord of the sky and rain. He uses his thunderbolts at who he dislikes and he punishes that lie or breaks a promise.Zeus is also known for affairs.


Ares god of war

Ares is the son of Zues and Hera. Ares's parents didnt like him at all he is the god of war. He was murderous and he was also a coward that was part of the reason his parents didnt like him.


Athena god of wisdom

She had sprung right out of Zeus's head full grown and she doesnt have a mother. She was fierce and brave and she was filled with wisdom,reasoning, and purity.She was Zeus's favorite child and she even used Zeus's thunderbolt.


Poseidon god of the sea

He was the horse god before he was the sea god. His name occurs more then Zeuses.He is Zeus's brother chief parton of Alantis.Poseidons main symbol are a dolphin and three pronged fish spear.


Hades god of the underworld

Hedes,Zeus,and Poseidon they all liked to draw Zeus won god of the skys,Hedes lost and was lord of the underworld,and Poseidon was in the middle so he won god of the sea.He almost never leaves the underworld.His wife is Persephone who he abducted. Thanatos is death itself.


Apolllo god of light

Apollo was one of the sons not by Zeus and Hera but with Zeus and Leto.He also has a twin sister Artemis. He is known as the god of light his weapon is the bow and arrow.Because he is the god of truth he can not speak a lie. One of Apollo's tasks were to get on his chariot and his four horses then take the sun accros the sky. more6

Aphrodite god of love

Aphrodite is the god of love and beauty. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione or she walked on shore from Cronus's blood in a scallop. She is married to Hephaestus.


Hermes the messenger god

Heremes parents are Zeus and Maia. He is Zeus's messanger because he is the fastest of the gods.He always wears a winged sandls,winged hat and a magic wand.


Artimis god of the hunter

She is the daughter of Zeus and Leto She is a wild girl and she is the huntsman of the gods.Her and her brother Apollo use silver arrows.She also protects the young.


Hephaestus god of fire and forge

He is the son of Zeus and Hera he is the youngest of all his brother and sisters.Scince he was the last kid of Zeus and Hera he was born physically ugly because of that Hera threw him of a cliff to break his legs.He is a blacksmith and god of fire and forge.He is kind and peace he is the husband of Aphrodite his wife is also identified as Aglaia.