My First HTML Document

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My First HTML-Styled Page

Welcome to my first HTML-styled page!

I've added my favorite colors and will hopefully someday add navigation bars, columns, virtual graphics, charts, moving objects, etc.

There will be more later. Check back!

Ramón and His Toy

Ramón is shown here sleeping in my office. I'm very proud of this photo because it is the very first image I've ever uploaded using HTML and it was NOT easy!

South Beach Sunrise

Taken on South Beach, Florida in July of 2005. I photographed this using my Canon PowerShot 50.

Aligators In the Everglades

I went to an aligator tourist attraction in the Everglades. These aligators were coming up to gobble down the dead rats that were flung at them by the farm's host. This photo was also taken in July of 2005.

Lone Aligator

Another aligator photo taken at the farm.

Olga In Her Tower

This is Olga. She is Ramon's blood sister. She has the softest hair I've ever felt! She's shown here relaxing in her six-foot high cat castle.

Cannon Beach in February

Cannon Beach, Oregon, February 2006. The lighting conditions at the time were very good for photos.

Canon Beach in February 2006

Another photo taken in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Made December 2, 2006
By Julie Haverluck.