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Summary: Xander finds a surprise on his doorstep but it's not roses or candy.

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Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat


Part One

In the Harris household, when someone knocked it meant one of three things to Xander. 1) It wasn't his parents and so he didn't have to worry. 2) It wasn't his friends so he had better be worried. or 3) a vampire wanted in and hadn't been invited; Xander, worry away! So one can understand why Xander was not too thrilled when someone knocked on his door late at night when both parents were home. That left two really bad choices and he wasn't up to facing another monster that night.

Still, that's what you do when you hang out with the chosen bitch. . . I mean one. He was reeeeeaaaaaaly tired that night. Opening the door carefully he held up a stake instantly, "Who is it?"

When no one answered Xander looked aroud the porch and he eyes froze on the limp form lying by the doorway. "Spike."

"Yeah, I can believe this." He shook his head and carried the cold form down the the basement where he lay him on the bed carefully. "Now what did what to you this time."

While he searched for injury he didn't see the golden eyes open or notice the blond studying him as he cleaned the scrapes and iced the bruises that refused for some reason to fade.

"Why isn't your body healing? It should have. . ."

"Xander what the fuck is that?!"

The boy spun around only to find himself facing, "Spike?"

William was in pain. His head was sore and his legs wouldn't take him any further. He had worn his healing factor out and his flesh was even colder than usual. It seemed all he could do was wait for the sun.

The next thing he knew he was lying in a soft bed and an angel was cleaning him and talking to him in words he couldn't understand. He studied the angel carefully, taking every detail into his memory. He looked so familiar, but the kind touch, that was a surprise. No one had ever been kind to him before. It felt nice.

The boy said something else and William scrunched up his nose, a new smell had entered the room, 'his' smell! He turned just as the other William spoke.

"Xander what the fuck is that?!"


His voice was hard, like the master's voices were and William tried to feign unconciousness, but when his double came closer. . . He sprang from the bed and grappled with the surprized double. Gotta keep the angel safe.

Spike's eyes widened as his double jumped at him. They were equal in strength and speed but the double didn't seem to have any set limitations. After a short time the Brit realized that his doppleganger was herding him away from Xander!

"Bloody Hell! Xander what did you do now?!"

Xander shook himself from his disbelieving shock and grabbed the other Spike, quickly wrapping him in a tight hug. The vampire settled in moments and began to purr. "Don't hurt Spike ok?" Xander asked him, "Spike is a good guy."

"Spike is annoyed." Spike growled, "Am I really that ugly?"

When he reached to touch his double the other boy snapped at him and almost claimed a few fingers. "Maybe you shouldn't try to touch him."

"Yeah, no shit."

Xander turned his attention back to the naked blond in his arms, "Can you talk?"

". . . meep."

Spike swore and slammed out of the room. He wasn't going to watch his double make a fool out of himself, it was too strange.

The brown eyed boy smiled, "We need to call you something, if I call you Spike it could get too confusing. . . how about. . . Kitten no wait, that's what Dru called me. . . Pussy Cat, You'll be Pussy Cat for now ok?"

Pussy Cat blinked and then surged up to lick Xander's face, "Ok! Ok! You're Cat then!" He ran his fingers over the purring boy's hair and let his thoughts run over what to do with the creature who looked like his ex-roommate. "I need to get you to Giles. He'll know what to do."


Giles looked at the almost naked Spike who was purring and rubbing against Xander's legs. "I. . . ah. . . I tried to get more on him but he doesn't like clothes very much."

"I never thought I'd see the day. . ."

"I know, if you think Spike rubbing on me is spooky, you can imagine how I felt when he licked my face!"

"Xander you don't understand." Giles took off his glasses, polishing them for the umpteenth time and Xander shifted anxiously. The watcher polished his glasses when he was nervous or trying to buy some time.

"So. . ."

"This. . . um. . ."

"Pussy Cat." Xander supplied.

"Yes, pussy cat, is a lost part of Spike."

"What do you mean?"

"This man is Spike's innocent emotions. They are lost when a vampire is turned but for some reason Spikes are back and we have to join them quickly or both will die."

"And they chose to come to me." Xander groaned and Cat licked his face helpfully. He tried to push the excited vampire away and rolled his eyes, "I'm sooooooo surprised."


The human boy scratched Cat's head as the vampire nudged into the touch, "So what do we do?"

"I'll have to consult a few books. . . perhaps. . ."

"Scooby meeting, research time." Xander nodded and jumped to his feet to make a few calls.

Cat followed him playfully and Xander had to skip from one foot to the other to keep from tripping over the amused vampire.

Spike watched the two of them with a twing of something, could it be jealousy? That's impossible! If Pussy Cat is me, then how can I be jealous of me?! And over Nummy?! No way.

Still he watch the two of them carefully, ready to jump in and kill his double if the thing made one wrong move toward his nummy treat.

That's it! I've turned into my bloody sire! "I'm outta here."

Xander looked up with disappointment clear in his eyes, "You're leaving?"

"You know me, places to go. . ."

"Demons to decapitate?"


Xander nodded and smiled but it didn't reach his eyes. "See you later?"

"'Course. If that thing hasn't eaten you."

"That 'thing' is YOU."

Spike shrugged, "I'd eat you if I could."

"Y. . . you would?!"

"Course. You're very biteable."

Xander watched the vampire leave, one hand absently stroking Cat's hair. He thinks I'm biteable.

Pussy Cat purred.

Part Two

Buffy stared at the pale blond man sitting on the foor between Xander's legs. "You're telling me that THAT is Spike's innocence?"

"In a manner of speaking, yes."

"Giles, will it. . . you know? Bite?" Willow asked a little worried, "I mean maybe it shouldn't be so close to Xan."

The boy in question shook his head, "It's ok Will, I don't think Cat would hurt me." Xander rubbed the vampire's ears and a smile broke out over his face as a rumbling sound reached his ears, "He's purring!"

Buffy and Willow watched the vampire rub against their friend's legs and listened to the very loud purring. When the lithe figure jumped onto the couch and settled on the boy's lap, stretching out to nap, Willow had to giggle. "Cute!"

Giles held back a groan and shook his head, "Now according to this tome, a vampire's innocence can be granted to the vampire as a gift for relearning an innocent emotion. To join with the gift, he has to accept the emotion he learned."

"How?" Xander looked worried, "I mean, you can do it right?"

The Watcher's familiar habit of cleaning his glasses when agitated set Xander on edge.

"You CAN do it. Right?"

"No. Only Spike can accept his emotion and he only has one month to do it in."

"A month? Then what happens?"

"If he accepts them, they'll join and though the guilt will not be there, since that would hinder his natural ability to hunt, he will be basically as he was when he was human."

"And if he doesn't?"

"Then it would be kinder to stake them both rather than let them die in agony."

Xander stiffened and looked down at the sleeping man laying across his legs, "No!"

"A lot can be done in a month."

"But Spike is. . . SPIKE! How can he feel ANYTHING?"

"Buffy. . ."

"No. Spike can feel, he just. . . hides it." Xander nudged Cat awake and stood up, "I'll talk to him."

"Xander remember last time you 'talked' to the bad guy for us?"

"Spike isn't Faith."

"You didn't. . ."

"I did NOT sleep with Spike!" The boy was bright red, "I 'lived' in the same basement for a while but I did NOT have sex with bleached deadboy jr."

"Ok! Ok!" Buffy held up her hands.

Xander held out his hand, "Come on Pussy Cat, let's go find the Big Bad."

Spike glared at his doppleganger when Xander came out of the Watcher's flat with it. "Bloody 'ell. As if the chip wasn't enough!"

He trailed them to his own crypt and waited as Xander knocked. He couldn't expect ME to watch the bloody thing can 'e?!

"Spike? I wanted to talk to you. Are you there?"

He shrugged and stepped out of the shadows, "No way is that wanker staying in me pad."

Xander smiled and shook his head, "Wasn't gonna make him. I just thought you'd want to know what Giles found out about the whole 'double' deal."

"Sure, get inside."

"Now who ever said vampires were dashing?"


"Fangless." Xander answered automatically and Spike grinned at the kid.

"So what'd the Watcher say?"

"Cat's a present for you from the Powers."

"Sure. Like the Powers That Be ever gave me anything."

Xander sat beside the blond and nodded, "They did! Because you learned to feel a kind emotion again."

Spike stared at him, "You're loopy! A right bloody loon."

"I'm just telling you what he said ok? He told us that you have a month to accept what you feel or both of you will die."

"And why do you care?"

Xander blushed and lowered his head slightly, "Cause you're my friend."

"Come again?"

"You always show up when I need someone, you never call me an idiot, you treat me like shit sometimes but it's just your natural defense to caring. You're my friend."

"You serious?"

"Yeah." Xander kissed his cheek and stood, "Just don't let it go to your head. Come on Pussy Cat, let's go home."

Spike stared after the boy then raised a trembling hand to his cheek. What the fuck is happening to me?!

Part Three

Pussy cat curled up on Xander's legs as the boy slept that night. The longer he was near the human the more inclined he felt to protect him and be near him. The human loved to touch and Pussy cat craved his human's touch. It was perfect, except for one thing. Him. The other Him. The one with knowing and blank eyes who watched his pet from the shadows.

Inside Cat knew the strange 'him' was only watching out for the human but that didn't mean he had to like it. His human felt strongly for the other and that one hurt him each time he spoke.

The smell that belonged to the focus of his thoughts drifted to him and Cat watched the one they called Spike carefully. One wrong move toward his pet and. . .

A pale hand smoothed the sleeping human's hair away. "You say this is all a gift? A cosmic hi there from the Powers? Some gift. It's growling at me."

Cat glared and narrowed his blue eyes, "Can't hurt him. Mine."

"Bloody 'Ell!" Spike slid back just in time to miss the angry teeth aimed at him. "You're me ya ponce! what d'ya think yer doin'?!"


Spike growled. "So how the fuck are we supposed to join if we hate each other? I didn't live this long just to die for some emotion I can't even name."

The creature blinked and stopped growling, "Xander?"

"Yeah that's right ya bloody watch vamp. I got a thing fer the whelp. Jus', listen, if you live longer than I do when this is over, watch out fer 'im for me."


"Yeah, could be." He reached out carefully and rubbed his double's hair, "But vampires aren't meant to handle those feelings. It doesn't work.

Xander stirred a little, disturbing Cat from his position, "Spike . . ."

The vampire bit his lip. He reached out a bit and pulled back twice as fast. No, the kid didn't need the complications in his life. He was going to leave but Cat jumped in front of him, blocking his escape.

"What?!" He glared, "What d'you want from me?!"

"Stay. Pet. Love."

Spike looked once again at the human so near laying on the worn couch. Silly git hadn't even bothered to pull out the bed. "Precious."


He walked to the couch and sat on the floor beside it, "Yeah Nummy, it's me."

"What's up?"

"Jus' thought I'd stop by. See if ya had 'ny more blood. Me stocks all gone."

Xander nodded and stood up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes, "'k." He padded to the kitchen and pulled a bag from the freezer, tossing it into the microwave. "Help yourself. *Yawn* I'm gonna go back to sleep."

Spike bit his lip and looked at his double quickly before moving forward and pressing himself up against the human tightly, "Wait."

"What. . ."

"I think I found out what that innocent emotion is."

"Really?!" Xander's face lit up, "Then you'll be ok!"


"What was it?"


Xander blinked, "That's it?"

"Deep caring."

"For Buffy?"

Spike snorted, "Not exactly mate." Then before he could disuade himself, he captured the slack lips in his and pressed them both up against a wall, exploring Xander's surprised mouth with great care for detail. When the hesitant tongue of the other boy met his he trembled and let out a soft moan.

Caring. s'not right. Not deep enough ta be what this feeling is. Spike rubbed against Xander sexily and groaned when the boy pressed back into him. "Shit! oh shit! 's good!"

"Spike what are we. . . unmmm, what are we doing?"

"I'd say it looks like we're making love pet. Do you want ta stop. I won't be able to in a bit."

"No." He gasped, "Don't stop."

Spike grinned and manuvered them both to the bed.

"Spike. . ."

"Tell me what you want Pet. Don't want to hurt ya, or scare ya."

"Just you Spike. Gods! Unghh! I just want you."

They fell to the couch in a tangle of limbs and Pussy Cat Spike howled as they just missed landing on top of him. "Xan. Pet."

Xander laughed and gasped as he was assaulted by one Spike behind and one Spike beneath. "This is starting to feel like a really kinky wet dream."

"You dream of me pet? I'm flattered."

He groaned as one set of pale hands slipped into his pants and pulled them down over his hips, and another ripped the buttons from his shirt. "Ooh! That's good, naked is good."

"Going commando pet?" The vamp grinned and toyed with his hardened nipples, "Naughty of you that is."

"Didn't. . . ung! Didn't want to do laundry."

Spike snickered, "The romance is gone."

"We're, shit! do that again! We're groping each other on a creaky old couch in a twisted threesome that's really a twosome, there was never any romance. We killed the romance, bam! dead. Never to rise again."

"Somethin's rising pet, and it looks real romantic ta me."

Xander squealed in a very unmanly fashion when Spike deep throated him. "Uh! fuck! Spike don't do. . . I'm gonna. . ."

A slim hand pulled his raising sack down again and Xander whimpered. "Not yet pet. Want to be inside you when you cum."

"But the. . . the chip!" He moaned, "You can't. . ."

Spike tossed the lube at pussy cat and grinned, "Then that me will be in you, and you'll be in me."

"Eep!" He tensed as a slick finger slid into him.

"Well? You just gonna leave me like this?" Spike gestured to his spread legs and huge erection, "Come on, thought you were a nummy treat."

Xander grinned and pressed in slow, his lubed cock sliding into Spike with a brutal aching and no stretching. The vamp loved it. And cat slammed home into Xander the same time. All three of them groaned and slid in and out of the tight channels. Spike squeaked with every thrust and Xander chuckled and leaned down to kiss him, "You're fucking adorable when you make those little noises you know that?"

Spike gasped, "A. . . am I now?"

"Oh yeah."

The pounding cocks both scraped over something sending Xander and Spike beyond words.

Cat begain to purr and sped up until they were racing toward climax.

"Oh God! oh god oh god ohgodohgodohgod!"

"Xander!" Spike and Cat yelled at the same time.

Spike had tears running down his face. "Love you."


When the brunet woke the next morning, he found himself still buried inside the bleach blond vampire beneath him. "Spike?"

"Mmm. Five more minutes mom. Feel too fucking packed ta move."

Xander chocked on his laughter and begain trailing little licks over spikes jaw.

"Mm, tha's nice! Wha. . . Xan?"

"Morning sleepy head. How do you feel?"

"Nice 'n fucked. You?"

"The same and more." He started to stand and yelped when his chest hair was yanked out, "We're glued together."


"Could be."

"Where's the other me?"

"Cat?" Xander shot up again and yeolwed as the rest of his hair ripped free, "Damn that hurt." He slipped free of Spike with reluctance and kissed the red pucker that had held him a moment before.

"Shit! Xan!"

"Shh. Go back to sleep, I've gotta find the cat."

The vampire chuckled and then froze.

"Spike? What is it?"

"I'm. . . I was laughing."


"Joy. Innocent joy! I haven't felt that since. . ."

Xander smiled so bright it lit the entire room, "I think we know where Cat is."

"Guess he was a nice gift after all." The vamp smiled and hugged his new lover tight.

"Yeah, but I think it was my gift. Not yours."

"Makes sense. We both got the good this time."

"Um. . . Spike?"

"Yeah luv."

"How are we gonna tell the Scoobies?"

Spike stiffened and looked at Xander in slight trepidaition. "How do you feel about group Emails?"

"I like it. Good idea. Solid."

They giggled like guilty children and went back to their cuddling.

Giles blinked as he typed on Willows laptop at the Magic Box the next night, "I don't know why I have to learn how to use this infernal. . ."

"You'll learn to love it."


"It speaks?!"

Willow giggled, "Hold on Giles. Oh look! It's from Xander. . ."

The End

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