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Vernon BC - Today the first proto-type for the bad Advice site was designed and created.  Today also was a noted day as an article writer for musical reviews was recruited for this project as well as a potential editor volunteered her services for articles.  A mission statement was also drafted as well as several marketing techniques were discussed to help present this website to the community of Vernon as a means of support for local artists, underground artists and locally owned business. 

News updates


As of Thursday, April 06 2006

-  4:19pm, eff the Java script page, I'll use good reliable buttons instead.

-  3:33pm,  a spectacular meltdown of patience with the stupid effing Java dropdown menu has finally at long last occurred despite the relaxing classical I am listening too.  The table refuses to align itself centered under an anchor point and I give up trying at this point.  I'm going to run away swearing now.

-  2pm, been fighting with the Java menu all day.  Thanks to Arin it was figured out how to align the entire page down the center with out losing the table's alignment attributes, in what was the first of what I suspect will be many 'I should have known that' bouts. (Proof I am a coding n00b)

-  Skeleton Main page layout was drafted, probably to be heavily edited later, but this is a starting point.

-  Mission statement of was created in first draft form.  (Will be released later once I figure out the effing dropdown menu's I want.)



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Junk House Article (opinion article where the authors can cover whatever the fuck they please and say it in any matter they wish.  The ultimate goal of this article is to promote chaos and express opinion.)

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