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I am a fifteen-year old freshman that attends PHS (Payson High School) in Payson, Arizona. I have lived in Payson since 2nd grade. I went to Pre-School through 1st grade in Denver, Colorado. I am an A and B student and I also do school sports, which include football, basketball, track and field, and golf. In football I started JV (Junior Varsity) as RG (Right Guard) and special teams. I was 2nd string OLB (Outside Linebacker). In basketball I was 3rd string. It was the first time I actually made the school team. In 8th grade my first year of track and field I made it to the finals in the mile. Golf is yet to be determined, since I was not able to play this year.


I have learned that there is no gain without pain. Which I have learned this from both football and my weights class. Some of my strengths and weaknesses are the same in a sense. One example of this is that I am a procrastinator, but I always get it done. When there is some thing I want to obtain no matter what, I will get it somehow someway. One example is that I wanted to start in football, to obtain this I had to work really hard in practices and studied the plays until I knew them by heart. In my 8th grade year of track and field I wanted to get to the finals. Every time I ran the mile I cut off five to fifteen seconds of my last best record. Even though I didn’t place well in the finals I still got there and also in that race I cut off another ten seconds of my previous best time.


In heart I am really kind hearted. This is both strength and a weakness. In strength it helps, because I don’t make any enemies easy and also it helps by making friends easier. The weakness is that a lot of people I know like to mess with me a lot, because they know that I won’t do anything about it. Another of my strengths is like the old saying “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can’t hurt me.” This is so true of me, because even if they mess with me a lot it doesn’t faze me at all. The average person would be attacked with words and would in time snap and do something that would get them into trouble.