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     My career I have chosen is the Air Force. There are many reasons why I chose this route. One reason I have chose this is because of my grandpa. He has tried to teach me how to prioritize, but I have some difficultly because I usually wait till the last minute to do things. Kind of like this right here it was given to us to do last week and was due Thursday and it is right now Tuesday. My grandpa also taught me how to save money. He did this by making me pay for anything extra I wanted to do like paintball, movies, etc. I still have many things to get better at before I get into the real world. Many of those will have major roles in life some will not. Another reason way I chose the Air Force is because that what my grandpa chose. That was what he chose and did that for thirty-one and a half years. He reached the rank of Lt. Colonel or O5.

     I would like to achieve that rank and to surpass it. I'm not quite sure what area in the Air Force I will go into yet. If for some reason I decide not to go into the Air Force I might go into the Navy or Special Forces. I would choose these two over the Army or Marines for two main reasons. One reason is because my grandpa said that the Air Force and Navy have better benefits and also he said “The Air Force and Navy takes smarts and the Marines and Army takes bronze.”

     Also if I choose not to go into the military at all which I seem unlikely I would go into a technical area that has to deal with computers or engineering. Also if I go into the military and come back out for some reason I would also go into an area like that were I could use the skills I have improved in the military. I would like to have the experience of the military even if it was for only a few years. I will if I can stay in the military for as long as possible. I hope for at least at the minimum stay in for ten years and the maximum about thirty years like my grandpa.