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The pictures found on this page sometimes take a little while to load. If you are unable to view them all, please refresh your screen, a few times if necessary, and they should all come up. Thanks...-Guido

John Gotti Sr.'s "Rookie Card"

Death Before Dishonor...

John Sr. with his mentor, Aniello Dellacroce

The Cover Of NY Daily News On The Day Of John Sr.'s Death

The Only Available Prison Picture of John Gotti Sr.

The Cover Of Time Magazine featuring John Sr.

John Sr. enjoying the fireworks at one of the many firework displays he put on for the neighborhood..

The Ravenite Social Club, John Sr.'s Headquarters, in NYC's Little Italy

Inside The Ravenite Social Club

The Final Resting Place Of John Joseph Gotti

A very young Junior Gotti, with mother Victoria

More Pictures...

Click Here To View Pictures From The Funeral and Procession of John Gotti Sr.

I will be adding more pictures to this page as they become available to me. Thanks...-Guido

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