Degrees and Diplomas

Master of Arts
International Relations
Webster University
Saint Louis, Missouri
3.7 GPA
December 2006


Bachelor of Arts
Secondary Education

Performing Arts

Fontbonne University
Saint Louis, Missouri 
3.6 GPA
May 2003
Associate of Arts
Liberal Arts
Jefferson College
Hillsboro, Missouri
3.5 GPA
May 2000


College Preporatory Diploma   
Northwest High School
Cedar Hill, Missouri
3.5 GPA
May 1998


Study Abroad Experience

Webster University
Bellevue, Geneva, Switzerland
Courses Contributing to Master of Arts
3.8 GPA
May-July 2006


Regent's College: British American College
London, England, United Kingdom
Courses contributing to Bachelor of Arts
3.7 GPA
August-December 2001