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Description of Anthropology
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Seeing Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology Through Film

Summary The field of Anthropology is very diverse, ranging from field work to corporate jobs. Also, one must decide if they would be interested in working with existing cultures or ancient ones, the latter being more of an archaeology type of work. Working with existing cultures would be of greater interest to me. I feel that more could be gained from working with current cultural entities. Achieving a Master's Degree is highly recommended. This would definitely provide the opportunity for a higher paying job in this field. However, there are many jobs with the corporate world. There is a link above to a diversity director for Johnson & Johnson. There are also available positions for marketing and advertising firms. Anthropologists are needed in order to create a culturally acceptable and successful ad campaign in foreign countries. I would personally like to do the field work and being able to travel abroad and actually study cultures, past and present. However, financially, a corporate job would be better. Job security is very different, depending on the employer. A best bet would to become a professor at a university, this would afford the person tenure after some time. The stresses associated with this field are varied. Physical stress, such as working long hours and being in extreme conditions when doing field work, could be expected. There are also risks such as disease and infection, as well as poisonous creatures. This can be one of the biggest health hazards, considering some field anthropologists do work in third world countries. Also, when doing field work, sometimes it can be difficult to maintain funding for expeditions, which could be very stressful. The benefits of this career are limitless, from being able to travel to working with different cultures. I hope this page gave its viewers some insight into this fantastic field of study.