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Vortex of Links and link excessories Trippy Color Vortex of fav sites

This site under law is not prohibited to censor
any of these links. All sites listed you choose under your own discretion, some viewers maybe
advised To fasten your seat belts, get ready for some laughs, some tears, some free email
and even some soul searching, welcome to the exquisite world of vortex links.

MSN offers many free things such as email, Blogging, new and more.
This site has been around the web for a long time and is used by many
people. This site also contains javascript.

G offers about the same as hotmail, although a little less popular
gmail also offers many things like many other sites. This site also contains
java script code. is known everywhere you go on the web. It is the number one
search engine on the web. This site also like many others contains javascript.


Alta Vista is another world known search engine. This search engine
contains the javascript code like many other sites and is also easy to use.


Empire Theatres website is a website for all theatres in Canada and
you can choose different distinations, differenty movies along with different
times for movies. offers a large assortment of videos online. You can search
or you can enjoy many popular videos and also newer videos. This site
like many others contains the javascript code.


file also offers many online videos. This site is also a host
site for many videos placed on the web by people. This site also contains
the javascript code.


Ebaums offers many things from videos to flash to sound clips
This site is very well done and contains javascript.


Albino is another free video site that offers many of
the same things that ebaums world offers but this site is more for aldults.
This site contains javascript.

Ask a

Ask a is a funny site featuring videos and flashes. This
site is an independant site where people email their questions to the
ninja hoping he will make a video or flash about the emails. This site
also contains javascript.