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~Previously, on Stargate SG-1...~

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Previously, on Stargate SG-1...

18 MB ~ April 2006
MUSIC: "Fahrenheit" by Immediate Music (edit of choral and orchestral versions, by me)
AUTHOR: Jamieson
SPOILERS: All 194 episodes from seasons 1 through 9, in order.
I will not lie, I got this idea from the opener of the Farscape series finale (Bad Timing), but I tweaked it a little to suit my own purposes. I wanted to give a sort of tribute, preview-style, for SG-1 before the beginning of Season 10, and must say, this one turned out far better than I ever imagined - I am certainly not disappointed! This probably wasn't my most artistic music video attempt, but I think I exercised my problem solving skills as far as they would go - simply put, I had to create some very inventive ways to go about making and saving this one. That said, I'm unofficially dedicating this one to the computer that did NOT blow up in the making of this video!
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