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Ista's Weyrlings

   Welcome to the Weyrling webpages maintained by the Weyrlingmaster staff at Ista Weyr, of Harper's Tale MOO. This site provides information for the current Weyrling class, as well as a history of previous clutches.


The current weyrling class is Clutch 53:

Clutch 53: Pippa's gold Jeyth and Coora's brown Sidaaeth

Rider Dragon Colour
T'ab Tyroth Bronze
Ki'ar Emianth Blue
T'zyn Nymerith Green
Au'zie (NPC) Oith Bronze
Lux (NPC) Abstineth Brown
G'out (NPC) Honoryth Blue
Linguini (NPC) Alfredoth Blue
A'dam (NPC) Lamberth Blue
P'ork (NPC) Fath Green
H'einz (NPC) Fitiseveth Green
Ave (Avaricia) (NPC) Charityth Green
Ra'chel (NPC) Rayth Green
Al'tn (NPC) Brownth Green
Gord'n (NPC) Ramsieth Green
N'rci (NPC) Hummilith Green
Lysette (NPC) Purityth Green
S'monella (NPC) Pistatioth Green
I'ron (NPC) Chefth Green
N'ked (NPC) Cheth Green

The "Dragonriders of Pern" books are Copyright   Anne McCaffrey