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Iris Pledge Group #7



  • Pledge Mother: Mrs. Carole (Bennett) Gunderson
  • Assistant Pledge Mother: Mrs. Clare McDowell

    State Pledge Representative
    Natalie G.

    Past State Pledge Representatives
    Chrissie G. 1997-1998,Victoria K. 1998-1999,
    Katelyn B. 1999-2000, Michelle G. 2000-2001,
    Ashley P. 2001, Samantha D. 2002, Erica B. 2003,
    Heather B. 2004, Rachel M. 2004-2005,
    Carol M. 2005-2006, Katlyn Z. 2006-2007,
    Ariana M. 2007-2008, Cecelia G. 2008-2009

    Iris Pledge brought home a few awards at the 2009 Grand Assembly. Thank you to everyone who helped!

    Pledge Groups are for schoolaged young ladies between 5 and 11 years old. Iris Pledge has a sister Rainbow Assembly for girls that are 11 to 21 years old. Visit Iris Assembly's web site by clicking on the rainbow or the link below.

    Visit Iris Assembly

    The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (IORG) is a youth group for girls between the ages of 6 and 11 for Pledge Sisters and 11 to 20 for Rainbow Girls. This youth group, The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, is only affiliated with the Masonic Lodges, Order of the Eastern Star Chapters, and Courts of Amaranth. Many groups and organizations use the name of Rainbow in their title or organizational name. We are NOT associated with any other group than the three listed above.

    This web site acknowledges allegiance to the Supreme Assembly of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls, whose seat of authority is in McAlester, Oklahoma; to Mrs. Marilyn Fuelner, Supreme Worthy Advisor; and to the Grand Assembly of New Jersey and our Supreme Inspector, Miss Kathleen Nase.


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