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Just click on the correct answers below to test your knowledge.

Q1: What is the purpose of a stamp four?
It entitles a worker to different tax reliefs.

A stamp four proves you are flent in two languages.

It is used to track the workers years of manufacturing experience.

It is used as part of immigration control or customs procedures

Q2: Can a caller apply for an interview on behalf of another?

Only if the caller knows nothing of the english language.

Only if the caller can speak english, but very poorly.

Never under any circumstances.

Only if it for a freind whom they know personally.

Q3: What is the 'regrets list'?

This is a listing of employees who have been absent for a month.

This is a listing of all applicants who failed to arrive at the interview.

This is a listing of unsuccessful candidate applications.

This is a listing of candidates who live too far away.

Q4: What is a dexterity test?

It is a test to assess hand coordination.

It is a test of the workers communication abilities.

This test is used to observe the workers observation skills.

This is a test to assess the workers memory.