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Just click on the correct answers below to test your knowledge.

Q1: What is RESERVE type reservation?
This is when a client holds a room before paying for it.

This a reservation made by another booking agency.

This is when the hotel can provide any room type upon check in.

This contracts the hotel to provide alternative accommodation in it has no availabilty.

Q2: Which of the following is elegible for the waiving of the cancelation fee?

Customers flights were cancelled.

Customer entered the wrong information online.

You (the agent) booked incorrectly.

The customer didn't notice any cancel policy.

Q3: What is a WEX transaction?

An authorisation by the accounts department in Wexford.

A credit card number used for payments of all reservations.

A system of payment which issues a different credit card number for each reservation

This is when the customer pays at check in.

Q4: What is the procedure for CONSOLIDATOR reservation?

Contact the consolidator but not the hotel unless necessary.

Transfer the customer to the consolidator.

Contact the hotel and speak with front desk.

Call the hotel and ask them to contact the consolidator