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Just click on the correct answers below to test your knowledge.

Q1: What does the acronym CN'G stand for?

Does it stand for the Cheap Networks Group?

Does it stand for Charles & Goodman?

Does it stand for Click And Go?

Does it stand Contracted Networks General?

Q2: What other names does your company go by?

Expedia and Ramada Hotels.

Orbitz and Places To Stay.

Travelocity and Fexco.

Fexco and Places To Stay.

Q3: Under which circumstances should the telesales fee be waived?

Never under any circumstances whatsoever.

When the rate of the hotel is exceptionally expensive

If the customer complains it is cheaper online and refuses to book.

If the caller is a travel agent from another hotel agency.

Q4: What does the term 'Flying Blue' mean?

This is when a person travels without paying any international taxes.

This is a frequent flyer program which rewards you the more you travel.

This is when the airlines provide transport to and from the hotel.

This is when the airlines give you discounted accommodation for traveling without luggage.