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low cost health insurance texas

Garnet F. Coleman has served the people of District 147 ([map]) in the Texas House of Representatives continuously since 1991.

Coleman graduated from Jack Yates High School in Houston and the University of Saint Thomas in Houston.

Coleman's legislative efforts have been recognized in numerous ways including being named to the prestigious Texas Monthly Ten Best Legislators List on two occasions. Most recently he received the 2005 Reintegration Award presented by Eli Lilly and Company, a national award given in acknowledgment of efforts to increase services and decrease the stigma associated with mental illness. Apply for Low-Cost or Free Health Insurance. Representative Coleman has also been recognized by the Congressional Black Caucus as he was named Outstanding Black Caucus Chair for 2004. Citing his advocacy for the voting rights of people of color Rep. Coleman was selected for the honor out of 32 state black caucus chairs across the country.

Representative Coleman has served as the Chair of the Legislative Study Group, a non-partisan house caucus dedicated to the development of sound public policy on behalf of all Texas families, since 2003 when he was elected to the position by more than 40 of his colleagues. In addition, Rep. Intelligent Information Systems (IIS). Coleman has the honor of being the immediate-past chair of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus. As Chairman, Rep. Coleman coordinated efforts among members of the Caucus to help preserve the Top Ten Percent Rule, which assists historically-underrepresented students in gaining admission to Texas' top institutions of higher learning.

As a member of the House Committee on Public Health and the House Committee on County Affairs, Representative Coleman is able to focus on many of the most important issues facing Texas today.

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