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Michael J. Moncrief is the current mayor of Fort Worth, Texas.

Moncrief served for two years as a Texas House representative (1971-1972), 12 years as Tarrant County judge (1974-1986) and 12 years as a Democratic Texas State senator (1991-2003). On May 3, 2003, Moncrief was elected mayor in a non-partisan race replacing outgoing mayor Kenneth Barr.

As a state representative, Moncrief served on five major committees, including the Appropriations Committee. He secured passage of major drug legislation and is responsible for the bill that authorized the construction of the Fort Worth State School. Home Security Dallas Home Security Fort. At the end of his legislative term, he was voted Legislator of the Year by his fellow members.

As Tarrant County judge, Moncrief worked closely with the leadership of Fort Worth and Tarrant County in construction of the Fort Worth/Tarrant County jail. Working with family court judges, the District Attorney’s Office and adult probation officers, then County Judge Moncrief set up the county’s Restitution Enforcement Program, and he worked with the historic preservation community to pass a bond program that financed the renovation of the historic Tarrant County Courthouse.

During his tenure as state senator, Moncrief passed many pieces of landmark legislation. He has been recognized nationally for authoring the Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), which has assured hundreds of thousands of Texas children an opportunity to receive medical services. As senator, Moncrief also authored precedent-setting legislation that protects citizens from stalkers, protects animals from canned hunts and assists elderly citizens in need of home health care or assisted living.

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