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aflac health insurance

Aflac Incorporated (NYSE: AFL, TYO: 8686 ) is an American insurance company that acts as a management company; overseeing the operations of its subsidiaries by providing management services and making capital available. It derives most of its revenue from supplemental health and life insurance.


AFLAC was founded by three brothers, John, Paul, and Bill Amos in 1955 in Columbus, Georgia. The company's corporate name was formerly American Family Life Assurance Company, but in 1990 the acronym was formally adopted as the legal name. The official name on the firm's Web site, and for legally selling insurance, is the American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (not to be confused with American Family Insurance).

Aflac has three realms of operations: New York State, the rest of the United States, and Japan (where they still use the term "American Family" in its commercials). AFLAC Supplemental Insurance.

At the end of 2004, the corporation's total assets were more than $59 billion. They offer insurance coverage for accidents/disabilities, cancer, short-term disabilities, hospital intensive care, hospital confinement indemnity, long-term care, hospital confinement sickness indemnity, long-term care, specified health event, life, vision, and dental.

In 2005, the logo was changed to incorporate its famous duck, which features prominently in its advertising.

Aflac's old logo

Aflac Duck

Aflac has become much more famous and well known in recent times with their famous Aflac duck commercials (with Gilbert Gottfried providing the voice) on television which started airing in December of 1999. The Aflac duck character has now starred in many different commercials, due in part to the company's raised assets in the years since his introduction.

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