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I would like to begin by thanking you for visiting my website. I am a Home Theater enthusiast that has spent multiple years working for a major electronics retailer. I have decided that my calling is actually in home installations. I have a love for electronics and do enjoy assisting customers in finding their home theater needs. My passion is seeing the end result and having participated in its construction. I am here to assist you with any of your electronics needs.

Would You Like Help Hooking Up?

  • High Definition Tv's
  • Analog Television's
  • Program Remote's
  • Receiver's
  • Dvd Player's
  • Dvd Recorder's
  • Tivo Digital Recorder's
  • Video Casette Recorder's
  • Cd Recorder's
  • Surround Sound System's
  • Turn Tables
  • Basic Package Deluxe Package Premium Package
    8 Components 8 Components 8 Components
    NA Two Speakers Mounted Five Speakers Mounted
    Only $75 Only $150 Only $250

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    Examples of Completed Work

    Cables,Connectors,and Power

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