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*Wrestlers height: 6'7"

*Wrestlers weight: 300 lbs

*Hometown: Montreal

*Theme Music: A loud voice says :"Death is not the end...but only a transition" and then Beyond this life from Dream Theater hits the p.a. system *Ring attire: Black leather pants with black leather boot, Always wears a black tight t-shirt. Inferno, when he is not wrestling, wears a black leather trenchcoat. Inferno have some long dark hair, a very short undo beard and beautiful green eyes

*Gimmick: Inferno is a unbalanced freak in his mind....always lost in his thinking. Love pain and fighting. Fan favorite or not, he always gives the crowd what they want to see from him in the ring. He have a funny sense of humour.

*Hardcore or Technical wrestler: Hardcore/High risk manover (Inferno is capable of doing a couple of highflying move)

*Setup move: Inferno kicks the opponent in the abdomen before doing his finisher

*Finishing move: The Infernal Slam : Somesort of FU that looks more powerful and he drives his opponent in front of him and sits with him for the pin

*Character Alignment: Face

*Description of Finisher: See Finishing Move

*5 favorite moves:

A. "From the depths of Hell" : a top rope Moonsault

B. Powerbomb

C. While the opponent is hanging on the second rope, Inferno slingshot himself from the in ring to the outside and execute a leg drop on the back of the head of his opponent

D. While his opponent does a highflying move or any kind of move that Inferno could catch him, Inferno Catch him and execute a POwerhouse move or his finisher

E. Running Forearm Smash

*Manager: none

*Years your character has been in E-wrestling: 5 or 6

*Favorite saying: Quote I suppose? Anyway: Welcome....To the Infernal show!!!

*A BRIEF Characters History: Inferno started as a nobody that wanted to prove his little brother PyroManiac that he is better then him. Inferno then joined the UCW and lost a great amount of matches to then find out that he have a lot of attributes in Hardcore matches. Inferno then started to beat the odd and become one of the most dominating force that most of the federation he's been in have ever see. With more than 20 titles to his active, Inferno have still a lot to offer to the crowd and who knows, he will probably prove MCW that he is still a dominating force in the wrestling world!

*Your Characters Strengths: Inferno is always able to do something new to impress the crowd and suprise his opponent. He is also able to defeat the odds (Big time wrestler, 2 vs 1, etc.) He also tolerate a great amount of pain!

*Your Characters Weaknesses: He is easily lost in his mind. Sometime he is not focused because of that but he can be one hell of a terrifying force if he lost control and focus because of anger!

*Your Characters Greatest Attributes: Inferno never cheats!