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Plant heaters

Warming plants in a pot is an economical way of ensuring a good bloom and keeping plants healthy.
green house

The plant heater displayed on this web page are weather proof and ideal for heating plants in small hot houses, cold frame, green house and pot plants.

Warming a plant from the bottom is a simple and time saving method of increasing the bloom of your favorite plant.
Keeping the plants roots warm is an economical way of warming plants.

Plant heaters for green houses require weather proofing and electrical insulation.

A green house and cold frame can create a humid environment that is a potential hazard for electrical heaters that are not designed for heating plants.

Cold frame heaters, green house heaters and pot plant heaters available on this web site have been designed for warming plants in humid and exposed environments.

Pot plant heaters

Heating the substrate of the plant will encourage growth and allow the plant to thrive in cold weather.
heater for a POT PLANT
Pots that contain plants are vulnerable to cracking in cold weather. The pots and plants can be protected from damage with a small heater placed inside the pot plant or under the pots base.
A heater placed under the pot will reduce or eliminate the chance of your pot from cracking.

Bottom heater for a hot house

Root rot can be prevented or reduced by keeping the base of the pot plant warm during cold weather.

Tropical plants will withstand cold weather better (not freezing weather) with a plant heater warming the pots substrate that the tropical plant is kept in.

Plants can be placed in a cool room in winter without concern about the cold weather when a pot heater is used to keep the plants soil warm.

Warming plants in a propagator

The plant heater displayed is suitable for warming plants in their pots. The compact heater can also be used in a small hot house. A converted aquarium is ideal for heating with the plant heater.

plant heater An impact resistant shell that will support 50 kilograms (110 pounds) of weight ensures your pot plant and plant hot house is safely supported.

Heating the base of the pot plant, plant propagator or small hot house is an ideal way of warming plants.
The heater will not occupy any room within the pot plant or hot house and there are no cumbersome leads protruding from plant propagators.

Bottom heating for plants

Multiple heaters can be used for large pots.
Supporting the pot plants and hot house to prevent contact with the ground will also increase the insulation properties of the plant containers.

Heat loss will be lowered and the operating cost of running a plant heater will also be reduced.

The plant heater has a molded outer shell that has no sharp edges or corners. Raising your pot plants and hot house from the supporting bench will enhance the display of your plants.

Heater for plants

A low voltage transformer or battery (not included) can be used to operate the heater increasing the safety of operating an electrical appliance around wet or damp areas.
The plant heater will operate for long periods of time at a very low cost. The heater currently costs no more than a few cents per week to operate.
Plant heaters are available for the low price of $29

Pot plant heater A pot plant heater that is inserted into the pot plants soil.
The pot plant heater operates with the heating rod pushed to the bottom of the pot plant roots.

In this position the heater will warm the plants roots with a uniform warmth.
The heat is directed directly to the plants roots to encourage rapid growth.
The plant heater can be operated from a transformer or battery (not included) and will operate reliably for long periods of time.
The penetration heater is weather proof.

Plant warmers

insertion plant heater
The pot plant insertion heater is very economical to operate. Placing the heating rod of the pot plant heater directly in contact with the plant roots ensures the most economical form of plant heating.

Heaters for plants

Heating a plants substrate allows suitable plants that would normally be repositioned inside during cold weather to remain outdoors exposed to the elements.
The pot plant heater is weather proof and will not rust.
The price of the pot plant heater is only $27

Plant heaters pot plant heater warming a hot house heat for a plant propagator

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