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Learning Drmwver

Me and Mine

Well Greetings!

As you can see here i am a brand new at dreamweaver. So far this tool has overwhelmed me. I continue to read and study the functions and have currently decided to take a break and try a little hands on. The funny little hat that i have on is from my daughter's b-day party. She turned one!

This is my brother Kevin. We had the time of our lives living together in Athens GA. I am sure that when we are dirty old men later in life we will be inseperable!

Well where to begin? Phil and i have been through a lot of trouble together. We keep in touch no that i have moved away from home. Phil is going to finish his degree someday i just know it.


This is a sonagram of my son. He is due in Sept. I have a daughter Rahlyn and she turned one in May.