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Free Me From This Burden

The night grew cold, which didn't really explain the cold sweat that ran down Jason Knight's face as his eyes shot open in the middle of the night. Wide as they darted around the room, the moonlight that crept into the room through the blinds glistening with the sweat that covered Jason's bare upperbody. He rose within a hurry, looking to the side of him to see Anicka Swan quietly curled up into a ball of warmness, a smile on her face that illuminated the dark room that Jason found himself in. He kicked his legs out to the side, pulling himself to the edge of the bed. He reached into what seemed like a bottomless pit of darkness below him, pulling his pants back on. Standing from his position, he finished pulling the pants up to the extent of his waist before buttoning them, zipping the fly, and buckiling the belt that draped to each side. Jason turned his head, his eyes falling upon the clock, which read three thirty in the morning. He looked back, staring at the deeply tranced Anicka Swan. It was time to end his problem...

Jason entered the room shortly after, dressed in the black t-shirt and black baggy jeans he had worn to Ani's house. He also wore a grey hooded sweat jacket and black sock cap he had found in Ani's closet that had been left behind by him some time ago. He knelt beside the bed, stroking Ani's face with one hand.

Jason Knight - " It's time to do something I should have long ago. I'll be back so soon, you won't even know I'm gone.. promise. "

Jason raised his other hand, laying a note down on the bed beside her, and his cell phone. He pulled away from the bed, standing to his full extent as he stared blankly at the beautiful woman that could possibly have been his only true love. Jason turned his head, and walked out of the room..

. Location: Unknown..

Jason left his CL500 parked outside of Ani's house, the keys still sitting on the endtable beside the front door of Ani's apartment. We find him walking along a side road, his fists clenched and stuffed into the depths of his pockets as he maintained a rather quick pace. Each time he was to pass a street light, we caught a glimpse of the cold, stone hard expression that covered Jason's face. He was troubled by something for the longest while, and finally, he would lift that burden off his shoulders, and ease his pain. He turned off into a dark alleyway that ran along the side of a large warehouse building.

We find ourself now staring at an overweight black man, who stood beside a shotgun that was propped up against the grey brick that made up the wall. The camera panned around, to a sideview of the African American as a hundred dollar bill came floating down the dark tunnel that lead to an exit. The black man began walking forward, stomping on the bill to stop the bill's intertia. He reached down a picked up the bill, his eyes turning to focus on a second hundred floating his way. He approached it, reaching down for it to, recieving a stiff elbow to the back of the head, followed by a right uppercut to the jaw, which sent him tumbiling back onto his ass, unconcious.

The sound of a squeaky pulley operated elevator was heard, as we find ourselves on the next floor up. Another black, overweight man armed with a sawed-off shot gun began approaching the elevator as it's gatelike door opened. Nobody emerged. He cocked the shotgun, merging closer to the elevator. He looked around the corner in caution, to find nobody. From the top of the elevator, Jason Knight hung down by his legs, holding a shotgun that belong to his last victim in hand. He cocked it as the camera zooms in on the black man's face.

Panning back out, the picture was covered with a light greenish effect, obviously an overhead camera feed.

Deep Voice - " What's the password? "

The large steel door was opened from the inside as Jason pushed the fat man into the room, holding a nine millimeter to the door opener's head.

Deep Voice - " C'mon Jase, you don't want to do this. "

Jason Knight - " Where the fuck is he? "

Deep Voice - " You don't want to go out like this, Jason.. "

Jason Knight - " Maddy is dead Rocc."

Madeline Rae Knight, the deceased sister of Jason Cayden Knight. The last known member of Jason's family, excluding himself. The date was April 23, 1998. Maddy was picked up from school by her brother that day. His driver side window was busted out mysteriously that morning, so when they arrived at the apartments they called home, Jason had decided he needed to park in the garage acrossed the road. Once they were inside, the car was surrounded by these gangsters, in an attempt to murder Jason. He had gotten away, telling Madeline to flee as he would hold them off long enough for her to get out safely. Upon running towards the exit, she was shot in crossfire, a sawed off shotgun bullet to the chest destroyed her whole upper body.

Rocc- " Maddy is dead? A look of sadness crossed his face. "

Jason Knight - " Jason pistol whipped rock Don't fuckin' play stupid with me Rocc, I'm only going to ask you one more time, where the fuck is Raines?"

Rocc- " He isn't here man, chill! "

Jason Knight - " He rushed forward, throwing the body building black man against the wall, sticking the barrel of the nine in his mouth. You got one more chance to tell me where he is. Better yet, call him down here."

The man he had drug from the second floor to get the door opened easily stepped towards, Knight, as he turned and shot a bullet just slightly to the right of the man's face. Jason turned back to Rocc after staring the other big man into the corner.

Jason Knight - " You haven't called him, yet? "

Rocc reached into his shirt pocket for his cell phone, and dialed the number.

A knock rattled the steel door, nobody coming to the door. Through the monitor, on which play the security camera, a tall lanky black man, iced out with jewlery, each arm extended around a different women. The camera pans to show Jason Knight smiling as he looked up at the monitor, from his position on the cold, bloodied body of a now deceased 'Rocc'. He had used the chest of this victim for a place to sit and wait for Raines. Jason stood to his feet, walking towards the door. By this time Raines was fumbiling through his keys. He unlocked the door, opening it and walking into the room, Knight was no where to be seen. Instead, the sight of his two hench men covered in their own blood, sent to hell, where the shall rot for their evil deeds.

The sound of the nine cocking was heard as Raines turned quickly towards the sound, receiving a barrel jab to the forehead. Raines eyes grew wide as he looked into the cold, slanted eyes of the gun holder, Jason Knight. A cold sweat covered the faces of both men, Raines jittery at the end of the barrel. His nose began to quiver as he gave a smirk in the direction of Jason Knight. A bead of sweat rolled down the cheek of Jason, falling to the ground as Jason rubbed a finger against the trigger of the gun. The smirk caused his stomache to churn. Standing before him now, was the man that was held responsible for his little sister's death.

Raines- " You don't want to do this b... Knight pistol whips him I'll have you murdered before you can walk out that door. "

Jason Knight - " Oh really? "

Jason lunged forward, kneeing Raines in the gut. before driving the clip of the gun into the back of his head, sending Raines to his knees. Knight stepped back, kicking Raines square in the mouth. Raines spits out blood, looking up at Knight with a smile

Raines- " I knew I should have killed you a long time ago.. "

Jason throws him the gun.

Jason Knight - " Here's your last chance.. "

Raines lifted the gun towards Knight, firing a round that clipped the arm of Knight, sending his body into a tilt to the side. As Knight turned back around, he held a gun in the other hand, firing his own round that caught Raines between the eyes, leaving him for dead. Jason put the nine back in the back of his pants, looking down at Raines, his wounded arm hanging limp to the side of him. He stared silently at the deceased body of Raines, feeling the burden lifted from his shoulders.

Back at Anicka Swan's apartment, Jason was walking up the steps, his arm wrapped in the grey sweatjacket he wore. His t-shirt was stained with blood, along with his arm. He walked through the door, and into the bedroom of Anicka Swan. Jason unwrapped his arm and took off his shirt, unknowing to the fact that Anicka Swan was awake. She was startled, which sent Knight twirling towards her. Her eyes fell upon the flesh wound.

Anicka Swan - " Oh my god! What happend?!? "

Jason said nothing as Anicka Swan crawled out of bed to tend to the flesh wound. As she was finishing up, wrapping it in some bandages, Jason and Ani's eyes had met. Jason smiled faintly as best as he could, Ani smiling brightly. The visual faded.