02 December 2007 @ 02:43 pm
Open letter to Ecinerif  

For those who do not know 

[info]ecinerif has decided to unleash her bitchiness on an UNBORN child of someone she trys to call friend....

 Well from someone who knows alittle more...lets begin...

Dear Ecinerif


Ecinerif, you have OBVIOUSLY lost your fucking mind...but before I point out the obvious lets clairfy a few things first!!

1. Your roomie did NOT know she was pregnant when the lease was signed and all money paid.  You picked up keys on a Thursday or Friday had already paid all the deposits and signed the lease....The roommate did not even think it could be possibly and took TWO pregnancy tests AFTER they moved in that were NEGATIVE...it wasn't until a week or so later that a positive test occured. 

2. Ecinerif, you had NOT lost your smoking friend, your karaoke pal, or your "Girlfriend" at the bar UNTIL you posted this letter....just b/c someone is pregnant doesnt mean they can't have a life at the same time, they just have to change certain aspects of that life!!

3. You WERE given a choice of living with the roommates bf.  The roommate discussed with you before even looking for the new apartment that the bf was going to be living there as well.  You could have chosen to simply live somewhere else or with someone else, no one forced you to sign a lease.  No one made you choose to live with the BOTH of them, that was her choice, but she wants everyone to feel sorry for her, liks she is some type of victim other than the selfish bitch that she is.

4. "Your mom doesn't want to be one of those women...." Good for her...yes its hard to raise a kid with little money and living with a psycho whore like ecinerif...but abortion is not a method of birth control!!  The roommate isn't 17 where something like this can be written off as a young mistake, she is stepping up and trying to do everything she can to ensure that this child is healthy and taken care of.  BUT NOW she has to deal with the crazy antics of someone who CLAIMS to care about her.

5. "She doesn't even necessarily *want* you" ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  Wow, I didnt know you could read minds ecinerif??  Read mine right now, I fuckin dare you!!

6. Again you are complaining about how YOU somehow didnt make the chocie to live with her...AND her bf....AND her dog...AND her cat...taking it out on the animals is just ridiculous...but wait they were both in the picture when you lived with her before!!  OH WAIT...you didnt tell that side of it...you didnt mention that the cat is named after your initials...or how you lived with this particular roomie before and FUCKED it up back then!!  You didnt mention that you were a shitty friend then...and you always will be!!

7. OMG stop everything we all need to worry about what this is doing to ECINERIF....forget what this does to her roommates social life, body, future, financial status, family life....but holy shit ecinerif can't fuck her BOSS anymore!!  Thats funny b/c didnt you just tell me how you dont let anyone in your bed...EVER!!  I wonder if thats really b/c no one WANTS to be in your bed!!

8. How dare you threaten to unleash your unhappiness with your roommate when she is no longer in control of her hormones and emotions....why not grow the fuck up and tell her to her face rather than so publically for all to read and comment!!

9. "While I can't exactly *wish* for a miscarriage (only because it's her, don't think if you were ANYone else's I wouldn't wish it), don't think that thought hasn't crossed my mind." FUCK YOU you selfish, ungrateful cunt...You deserve all the misery and heartache that life can possibly give you!!

10. And my favorite..."You are not a baby to me - you are an It, and will remain an It until you graduate college and have something intelligent to offer" But wait Ecinerif....isn't it true that you did not graduate college...so in this arguement...you are in "It" with NOTHING intelligent to offer, so why dont you shut you mouth and get out of your roommates life?

Well ecinerif...guess what? We all hate you too....we hate that you could be so ugly, so hateful, so selfish...

You call yourself a friend, a girlfriend...I wonder what everone would think if they knew the truth...if they knew what kind of person you really were.

Why dont we let them know...

You were the one who was invited to come live with them in the first place....and yes you were the third wheel....but then they all came to love you and want you and need you...and it was beautiful...but things changed and your true ugliness came out!!  You hurt your friend, you broke her heart, and she was done with you!!  Her life recovered her life moved on....until you decided to come back into it!!  You told her you wanted to be her friend and that you care about her...but also found it important in the same conversation to tell her that you had been sleeping with the most important one in her life the entire time, this followed by "I am so glad that we are friends again" FUCK YOU ecinerif...all lies....all hurtful...all selfish!!  You never were the other women...you never were the mistress b/c he DIDNT want you...you tried...you tried with bottles of wine and showing up unannounced only to be turned down and turned away...his heart belonged to her...and you tried to fuck with that...when it didnt work...you fucked with hers...and for that I hate you!! 

Your roommate doesnt want anything to do with you again....she doens't want to know about how you are sleeping with a supervisor....she doesn't want to have to see you knowing you are so full of hate and selfishness...she doesn't want to do it anymore!!  She found someone to replace you....you said you would go, but again, you are a selfish bitch!!  You wont go, out of principle b/c you are always the one that has to go (doesn't that tell you something?) you have jumped from roommate to roommate, apt to apt, NO ONE wanting you to stay, NO ONE wanting to do it again...You are the one that always has to leave b/c you make it that way!!  You try to make yourself out to be the victim but you are far from that, you are a lonely, hateful, immature little girl.  Your roommate had someone to replace you, all you had to do was leave...then you were free of the baby...free of the bf....free of the dog....free of other people ruining YOUR life...instead...you are staying and forcing her to be miserable!!  You, a supposed friend, is forcing this stress, this hostile environment, this selfishness on someone you claim to care about...Ecinerif, the only person you care about is yourself....You were never her friend...and you NEVER will be!!  

Go to hell, ecinerif...now that is somewhere you belong!!

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