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Organizational Structure


Hotel Oasis & Spa can be classified as an organic organization based on the Burns and Stalker method.  Being in the hospitality industry, our employees have a wide variety of tasks that are assigned to them.  This means that employees are expected to perform any task that is required in order to provide ultimate customer service to our guests.  Our employees understand that customer satisfaction is our top priority; they are expected to perform their assigned duties in order to achieve this goal.  In dealing with the public, our employees are constantly encountering unexpected tasks that need to be performed; they are encouraged to look outside of their directly assigned duties in order to accommodate.  Our managers serve as guides for our employees; they offer information and advice when needed.  Employees are expected to be comfortable with being required to have a broad array of duties assigned to them, and conduct themselves in a professional manner to not only our guests, but other employees as well.  Our company takes pride in the fact that we conduct business in a flexible manner in order to offer a pleasant working environment for our employees, and a laid back atmosphere for our guests.   


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