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Mr. McGlashan's AP U.S. History Web Page
Mr. McGlashan's AP U.S. History Web Page

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Current Homework Guide

Homework Guide No.6

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Ch.21 YNTK

These are the rules regarding absences:

1. When you're absent, you're responsible for keeping up with the reading and for learning what you missed in class by talking to a classmate, getting the notes, etc. Don't ask me, "What did I miss?" or "Did I miss anything important?"

2. On your return to class, check the classroom calendar to see if any handouts were distributed when you were absent. If so, go to the handouts box and get the handout(s) you need (the calendar shows how many handouts there were). If there are no copies in the box of a handout which you need, go to the class website and see if you can download one. Only if the handout you need is not on the website, ask me for a copy.

3. If you missed a test, you must make it up by appearing in room 159 at lunchtime on your first day back. If I am not in the room when you go there, look for me in the Social Studies office (room 122). If you cannot make up the test on the first day back because you have another obligation during that lunchtime, let me know that day when you'll be able to make up the test.