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God had one son on earth without sin, but never one without suffering.
                                                         Saint Augustine



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What I Noticed This Week  04-02-2006

    The really sad part about noticing things in your life, is the regrets.  Regrets that these most obvious blessings went un-noticed until now.   I noticed a change in myself this week.  Whether a change for the better I leave that up to my goodly wife to decide.  Long-suffering is the bride of this man, for any who have known me for a time realise that, unlike the faith that I profess, I am rather arrogant and self-opinionated.

(I don't think one exists without the other... or are they the same thing?)

Yet this week I found myself  not only seeking my spouses opinion, but doubting my own.

(To a man lacking in humility, this is very humbling.)

A friend recently told me, that lawn bowls have a bias, and that bias determines the direction of the bowl.  He went on to say, that as his bowl began to travel away from its mark, he realised that his bias had been wrong.  Amongst much laughter it dawned on him, if the bias' in our lives are at odds with our target, we shall find ourselves far from the mark.

I had laughed when he related his story, as I envisioned the shock that must have appeared upon his face, as his bowl disappeared into the distance.  Other bowlers must surely have found amusement at this wayward bowl.  But then I began to consider my own bias, toward others who do not agree with me on certain subjects.  Was my bias taking me far from the understanding of their view, and if so, how do I then reconcile my conviction of a faith that is in itself unbiased toward all. 

And so I sought out my wife's counsel, something that is in itself a rarity.  As I listened to her words, it was clear that our bias' differed greatly.  Where mine tends toward everyone loving the Lord, hers tends towards loving everyone for the Lord.  It was painfully obvious (painful to a proud heart), that her bias was heaven breathed, whilst mine, though a lofty thought, was just that, mine, not His.

Consequently I have attempted to change my bias.  Success or failure in this change is largely dependent upon practise I suppose.  Loving regardless, as He has shown, as parents have shown, as the saints of old have shown, and recently, as my wife has shown. 

May God grant me the grace to endure toward that humble mark.



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What You Noticed This Week 04-02-2006

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