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Welcome to the Competition page of the MMH Radio Station. It's a competition where the winners can receive great prices every month. This month's prize will be a free PS3 with two controllers and two games at your choice. Do you think you can win this month's competition, do you think you can take up the challenge of many questions and answer it all correctly before anyone else answers it correctly. Just put your name and address in the form and answer the questions. These questions and answers are based on MMH Radio Station live.

Question 1 - When did MMH Radio Station first hosted the Radio Station?
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A) In 2007 May 23

B) In 2006 April 28

C) In 2007 April 28

D) In 2007 February 29

Question 2 - Who won the last month's competition?
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A) Johnson Dickinson

B) James D. Millhouse

C) Matt Damon

D) There was no competition

Question 3 - Why was DJ Hirsi in a bad mood?

A) He had an unlucky day

B) He missed his breakfast

C) Someone ate his favourite food.

D) He is always in a bad mood

Question 4 - What is DJ Sam's Favourite song?
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A) 50 Cent The Massacre

B) Tupac All Eyez On Me

C) Tupac 2Pacalypse Now

D) 50 Cent Candy Shop

If you think you have the answer please do not hesitate to call: 0800 012 3529

or you could email us: