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DJ Hirsi

DJ Hirsi is the owner and the introducer of the MMH Radio Station. He organizes events and plans schedules. He never introduces the DJs by name, but instead he introduces them by talking a little bit about their life. He is always cheerful for most of the time. DJ Hirsi has likes and dislikes. He likes to interact with people on the phone but its DJ Sam’s main role. He does not like to be asked too much, but DJ kid continues to haunt him for what tracks he wants on MMH Radio Station.


Personal Info

Age      -           25

Height  -           1.85m

Weight -           90kg

DJ Sam

He interacts with many people on the phone. DJ Sam is quite good at giving advice, which is why he was chosen for this role. DJ Sam likes to be the one who introduce the DJs which is why he gets his chance on every Saturday. DJ Sam always questions DJ Kid of why he listens to new tracks and then considers them as waste, but DJ Kid gives him the same answers “Because I want to look for my favourite track”.


Personal Info

Age      -           25

Height  -           1.89m

Weight -           89kg


DJ Kid

Kid is a nickname given to him because he is the youngest member of the MMH Radio Station and he still lives with his mother. This nickname was surprisingly given by one of the customers on the phone. Since then the whole station called him kid. He is interested in certain number of tracks. He only listens to track that has high rating. DJ Kid is specialized in mixing music and creating them.


Personal Info

Age      -           20

Height  -           1.79m

Weight -           80kg


DJ Ali

DJ Ali listens to many different songs just like DJ Kid. They always argue about their tracks and which is the better one. Just like DJ Kid, Ali is specialized in mixing with music and creating music but he has more experience than DJ Kid. Both DJs compete each other over who the better DJ is.


Personal Info

Age      -           28

Height  -           1.90m

Weight -           90kg




Big Mo is just a nickname given by other people. He was given this nickname because he is very tall and yet he is young. DJ Kid likes to ask him to get something whenever kid is out of reach. For example DJ Kid left a Track on top of the cupboard but he could not reach it so he asked DJ Big Mo to get it for him. Kid is not the only one who asks these kinds of favours but as well the other staff members ask favours as well. This does not bother DJ Big Mo. DJ Big Mo is specialized in record players.


Personal info

Age      -           27

Height  -           2.01m

Weight -           92kg