Spiney visits Ebenezer Elementry School

“Spiney helps my class remember that we are given new opportunities every day! She is a true inspiration to us. We LOVE Spiney!” Mrs. Elaine Dietz, Grade K

“Spiney was brave when she got an x-ray.” Lucas Kutch

“It looked funny when Spiney was swimming with the noodles.” Zach Zimmerman

“Spiney is cool.” Bailey Wickenheiser

“It was sad when Spiney was in the hospital. I was proud when Spiney kept trying.” Cassie Flocken
If you are interested in having us at your school, send an email to heyspiney@comcast.net

Spiney visits Henry Houck Elementry School

"When I grow up, I will be a scientist and I will work on making people like you get movement back by working on the stem cells."
Joshua Gonzales, Grade 4

I learned that if you get hurt, you can still do different things. I learned what spinal cord injuries are."
Joshua Antal, Grade 4

"Thank you Ms. White and Mrs. Perez for being such a good author and illustrator. I loved how creative you ladies were. I was on www.heyspiney.com twice. I enjoyed having you here at our school. I like how you overcame your chalenges." John Dent, Grade 4

"Spiney's visit to Henry Houck was truely incredible. Miss White and Mrs. Perez not only encouraged students to ask questions but then did a fabulous job of answering them. The students really enjoyed hearing the story be told by the actual author and illustrator, as well as learned quite a bit about life and never giving up. Thanks again for coming in and keep up that positive outlook. You are a true inspiration to everyone!"

Mrs. Heather Daub, 4th grade teacher

Spiney Visits South Lebanon Elementary School

Spiney Visits The United Methodist Church Womens Group
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