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Spiney visits North Side Elementry School
We absolutely loved having "Spiney" as a quest speaker. They students were fascinated with the character of Spiney as well as the actual human being in Shelly.
Jaime Hogge
2nd Grade Rm 10
North Side Elementary

Thank you for visiting N.S. Elementary School; we really enjoyed having you share your story with us! I especially liked the theme of the story. Presenting a problem and then solving it, step by step, shows our students how to be proactive and responsible in response to difficult situations.

Thanks again! What a powerful message!

Amanda Edelman Grade 4 Teacher

You were very inspiring to me and to my first grade class. They talked about how you could still teach even in a wheel chair. My handicapped inclusion student is also in a wheel chair and my little ones said to Chanpreet that maybe one day she will be a teacher just like "Spiney". Keep up your positive spirit. It is catching!!!
Mrs. Mary Braun

If you are interested in having us at your school, send an email to heyspiney@comcast.net