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Allison's Story - I saw the article in the Patriot about your book and was very interested. Just saw you on News 21, you are an inspiration. Our daughter had an accident in 1997, at 18 months, that left her a paraplegic. She read the article and I told her when the book comes out we will get it and donate it to her school. It sounds great that your school is so supportive. We have encountered so many problems with the school not understanding someone in a wheelchair, who wants to be treated like one of kids. Allison is now 9 years old and in 4th grade. Thank you. Bill & Lisa

Bryan's Story - My husband Bryan is quadriplegic. His neck was broken when he was fifteen and playing football for his high school. Like you, he has overcome many obstacles. Your Uncle loaned us the book you wrote: "New Opportunities". Marvelous!!! (Though it did make my daughter and I cry because it hit home!) I hope that someday this book will be read to every student by their teachers while they are in their early years of schooling. I think the hardest part for Bryan was when we would go to the kids classes for holiday parties when they were younger and the children would just stare at him. It's not the "norm", but if your book was out there for all the children to read they would realize that things do happen and if they do...well, though the person make look different or act different, they are still the same person they were before the accident.

Perseverance was a difficult concept for many of my children to understand, before they heard your/Spiney's story. It was a wonderful illustration of how important it is to persevere! Thanks for sharing this with our children. -Ben Rugg

Last updated 1-1-09