Shelly White has a MEd in Special Education from Shippensburg University, PA. She is a learning support teacher. Her injury took place in September 2001. Upon returning to the classroom there was a need to find a way to share her experience with the children. As a result Spiney was born.

Shelly shares her story with organizations of all kinds and is anxious to bring her story to you.

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Spiney the Porcupine experiences an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury. The injury limits her in many ways. She must learn how to use a wheelchair to get around. Since her fingers are paralyzed Spiney learns new ways to write, brush her teeth and even dial the phone. Even though many things are difficult at first she doesn't let them hold her back. She finds new opportunities awaiting her. Spiney writes a book to help explain her injury to people around her. Who knows what else she will do? The story is a true account of the author's real life confrontation with disability. As a teacher, she saw the need to explain her experience with the children. Through Spiney she shows them that having a disability should not hold you back. When you get stuck you must keep looking for ways to overcome. It is OK to do things differently.

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