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Spiney visits South Lebanon Elementry School
Perseverance was a difficult concept for many of my children to understand, before they heard your/Spiney's story. It was a wonderful illustration of how important it is to persevere! Thanks for sharing this with our children. -Ben Rugg
"Shelly White's message of perseverance will motivate anyone who hears it. Through her book character, Spiney, Shelly shows what it really means not to give up. She is a role model for anyone who has ever encountered a difficult situation. People of all ages need to meet Shelly White!" - John Mohn, Fourth Grade Teacher, South Lebanon Elementary School "I liked Miss White's presentation because she showed how she persevered from accident." - Meredith Reiner, Fourth Grade Student

"I liked how Miss White wrote a book about her story using different characters." -Jessica Brown, Fourth Grade Student

If you are interested in having us at your school, send an email to heyspiney@comcast.net

Last updated 5.25.07