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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Wonder Woman
Fighting:Amazing (50)
Wonder Woman
Agility:Remarkable (30)
Strength:Remarkable (30)
Endurance:Remarkable (30)
Reason:Remarkable (30)
Intuition:Remarkable (30)
Psyche:Remarkable (30)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 8" Hair: Black
Weight: 122 lbs. Eyes: Blue
Due to her Amazon training, Wonder Woman is stronger, faster, and a much better fighter than the average person.

Wonder Woman's dense flesh allows her to ignore any damage of Excellent intensity or less.

Wonder Woman no longer ages, and will not die of natural causes (though it assumed that she could be killed, if enough damage were inflicted).

Wonder Woman can deflect bullets and other weapons with her Amazonian bracelets; however, if the bracelets are chained together by a man, Wonder Woman's strength becomes Typical (6) until a man releases her.

Anyone bound by Wonder Woman's magic lasso (including Wonder Woman herself) is magically compelled to obey the holder of the lasso. She most often uses the lasso to force a subject to tell the absolute truth, but the compulsion applies to any action.

By means of her Amazon radio, Wonder Woman can mentally communicate with anyone also using such a device, up to interplanetary distances.

Typing * Piloting * Mythology (Greek)
The Justice Society of America * Col. Darnell (U.S. Military Intelligence)
Some time after the Amazons, under Aphrodite's direction, settled on Paradise Island, the goddess Athena instructed Queen Hippolyta in the art of molding a human form out of clay. The Queen made a life-sized figure of a little girl, and wished that the child might be given life. Aphrodite granted the wish, and gave the child the name of Diana, the Roman name for Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

Soon, little Diana showed herself to be, even as a child, superior in strength and speed to most Amazons (though she never surpassed Hippolyta). By the time she had reached womanhood, she was said to be beautiful as Aphrodite, wise as Athena, stronger than Hercules, and swifter than Mercury.

Years later, Diana spotted a figure drifting on a piece of airplane wreckage. This was Captain Steven Trevor of Military Intelligence, the first man she had ever seen. He had been following an Axis agent when he was shot down. Carrying him to the Amazon hospital, Diana was told his chances to live were slight. Working frantically on a project she had conceived, she perfected the purple healing ray. Although Trevor was by that time clinically dead, Diana used the ray to restore him to life.

Meantime, Aphrodite had decided to take a hand in the war that was engulfing the world. Although this was before Pearl Harbor plunged the U.S. into the conflict, Aphrodite knew it would be this country that would be the bastion of democracy, and crucial to a victory over the Axis powers. She therefore told Hippolyta that the strongest of the Amazons must be selected to take Trevor back to America and stay as a champion to aid in the war.

Knowing that Diana could easily win the competition to select the mightiest Amazon, Hippolyta forbade her to enter. However, the Princess had fallen in love with Trevor, and so she entered anyway, disguised with a mask. She did indeed win, and the shocked Hippolyta was forced to declare her daughter the winner and give her the costume she would wear as Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman soon joined the Justice Society of America, but, as she had many other duties, she was made an honorary member and secretary. She also served with the All-Star Squadron. When the war ended, there was still work to be done fighting crime, so Wonder Woman stayed in Man's World. She became more active with the JSA. And, as she had eternal youth, she did not retire when the other JSAers did.

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