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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Weather Wizard
Fighting:Good (10)
The Weather Wizard
Agility:Typical (6)
Strength:Typical (6)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Excellent (20)
Intuition:Good (10)
Psyche:Excellent (20)
Resources:Good (10)
Physical Description:
Height: 6' 1" Hair: Black
Weight: 184 lbs. Eyes: Blue
The Weather Wizard's wand gives him Amazing weather control, but limited to an area with a 6 mile radius, indoors or out. It is attuned to his brainwaves, allowing him to control it from a distance of up to 6 miles.

The Weather Wizard can create a small whirlwind to carry him through the air at Good airspeed, or about 120 mph. He usually creates a layer of clouds under himself, giving the illusion that he is riding on clouds.

The Weather Wizard can create an "instant weathering effect", which causes material of up to Remarkable strength to crumble.

Locksmithing * Meteorology * Physics
The Flash's Rogues Gallery
Convicted burglar Mark Mardon was being escorted by train under guard to Tri-State Prison, when he jumped from the moving train and headed for the home of his brother Clyde, who lived on an island in Big Water Lake.

Entering his brother's laboratory, Mark Mardon found Clyde dead of a heart attack. Near his brother's hand, Mardon found a notebook in which Clyde had recorded his experiments in controlling the weather. Clyde had intended to use his discoveries to benefit humanity, and was about to announce them to the world when he died. Brother Mark, however, decided to use these same discoveries to gain power and wealth. Using his own inventive skill, and following the principles Clyde had discovered, Mardon built a wand that would enable him to control the weather over limited areas. He then created for himself the costumed identity of the Weather Wizard.

The Weather Wizard sought to use his new powers to take vengeance on the three police officers who had arrested him in the past. He succeeded in getting two of them, but was prevented from taking vengeance on the third by the second Flash.

The Weather Wizard later created a weather control station and used frigid weather to cut Oakley County, Wyoming, off from the rest of the country. He hoped next to build a gigantic weather control station as part of his plan to take over the country, but was defeated by Kid Flash and the Elongated Man.

Since then the Weather Wizard has devoted himself to robbery. He has clashed with the Batman and Aquaman, but his most frequent opponent has been the second Flash. The Weather Wizard sometimes teamed up with the other costumed criminals in the Flash's "Rogues Gallery."

Recently, the Weather Wizard apparently reformed and even aided the Blue Devil in defeating several fellow "Rogues Gallery" members. How long the Weather Wizard's reformation lasts remains to be seen.

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