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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae


The Six Million Dollar Man · The Bionic Woman
Electra-Woman · Dyna-Girl · Automan
The Man from Atlantis · Isis · Gemini Man
The Greatest American Hero
TV Guide, featuring the Six Million Dollar Man Television in the 1970s featured several shows about heroes of all kinds. Some of the more famous were adaptations of various comic book or literary heroes (Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, Shazam, etc.), but there were several original heroes.

Most prominent among these was the Six Million Dollar Man, which introduced the words "bionic" and "cyborg" into the popular lexicon. Steve Austin even started to collect a quasi-family around himself of similarly-powered beings, just as Superman and Batman had done previously. In addition to The Bionic Woman, who had a decent 3-year run on TV herself, there was a bionic teenager and a bionic dog. (Don't hold your breath waiting for stats on that one, unless I finally do get around to a Legion of Super-Pets entry. I'm just saying, is all ... )

The Greatest American Hero also had a healthy run on TV, lasting three seasons. He even made the cover of TV Guide, as did The Man from Atlantis, even though the latter only completed one season. This was longer than the more unfortunate duo of Automan and Gemini Man, neither of whom did well here in the U.S.A. Both heroes are cult favorites in Europe, though.

Which leads us to the ghetto of Saturday morning -- home of The Mighty Isis, who shared billing with Captain Marvel at first, then became animated as part of a team of heroes. I always thought this character had the potential to break out into something more, but it was not to be, I guess.

The last entry in this section is the team of Electra-Woman and Dyna-Girl, who were featured on the Krofft Super-Show for all of 8 episodes. None of their adventures gave a clue as to who the two heroes were or how they came to be, so the background information provided was made up by your host, the_black_condor. I think it works.

So, without further ado (as there has been quite enough ado already), I present -- the Television Heroes ...

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