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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Top
Fighting:Good (10)
The Top
Agility:Excellent (20)
Strength:Typical (6)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Good (10)
Intuition:Good (10)
Psyche:Typical (6)
Resources:Good (10)
Physical Description:
Height: 6' 0" Hair: Brown
Weight: 179 lbs. Eyes: Blue
The Top had perfected a method of spinning himself at very high, but not super-human, rates of speed. This method of combat allowed him a +2 CS for all attempts at dodging and a +1 CS for slugfest damage. In addition, the act of spinning also boosted his mental capabilities as follows:

The Top gains up to a +2 CS to his Reason score for several hours following a prolonged session of spinning. The exact length and intensity of the increase is dependent upon how long and intense the spinning session was.

This power was a corollary of his increased Reason score, and subject to the same conditions. The Top mainly used his invention power to create his arsenal of unique weapons.

Just before his death, the Top's long-term habit of spinning had developed in him the power of telekinesis at Good power rank, allowing him to move up to 400 lbs. at a range of 4 areas.

While many of the Top's weapons were modifications of existing technology, several of them were his own original inventions. Among the most commonly used were:

This weapon inflicts 40 points of damage as a blunt attack to anyone in the same area as the explosion.

This weapon will fill one area with smoke, with is Excellent intensity to see through. Any FEATs attempted will be at -2 CS.

This weapon will emit a flash of Incredible-intensity light, affecting everyone in a 2-area radius facing the flash.

This weapon emits long wires of Excellent material strength, which spin about and entangle anyone in the same area as the top.

This weapon creates an Incredible-intensity vortex of air for 15-20 seconds. Anything not fastened down in a 2-area radius is buffeted about, which can be quite devastating if acivated indoors.

Burglery * Martial Arts A * Skating
The Flash's Rogues Gallery
As a boy, Roscoe Dillon was fascinated by toy tops. Dillon became a small-time criminal, and, while in jail, decided he needed new, more successful methods for committing crime, so he made tops the theme of his criminal career. He created his costumed identity of the Top and leaned how to spin himself at unusual speed like a top. Dillon discovered that the spinning somehow increased his intelligence and enabled him to devise a wide array of unusual weapons in the form of tops.

The Top committed spectacular crimes in Central City for years, often in partnership with other costumed criminals who, like himself, were enemies of the second crimefighter known as the Flash, but the Flash continually thwarted and captured the Top and his allies.

The Top became the lover of Lisa Snart, the sister of Captain Cold, another member of the Flash's "Rogues Gallery." The Top taught Lisa the spinning ability that helped make her a great success as a professional skater.

Eventually the Top's spinning stunts affected his brain so as to give him mind-over-matter powers, but during an encounter with the Flash, the Flash's super-speed vibrations somehow, unknowingly, lethally affected the Top's super-powered brain. Before dying, the Top, determined that if he himself could no longer steal in Central City, then no one else would, planted powerful bombs in Central City. However, with the aid of the Rogues' Gallery, the Flash saved the city from destruction.

Lisa Snart adopted the identity of the Golden Glider and tried repeatedly to exact revenge on the Flash for the Top's death. When the Flash's father, Dr. Henry Allen, was in a car accident during which his heart stopped, leaving him clinically dead for at least 30 seconds, the Top's spirit took over Dr. Allen's body and, together with the Golden Glider, tried to take vengeance on the Flash. However, the Flash tricked the Top's spirit into leaving Dr. Allen's body, which Dr. Allen's spirit then resumed inhabiting. Presumably the Top's spirit is no longer active on Earth.

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