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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Teen Titans
Robin · Kid Flash · Aqualad
Wonder Girl · Speedy · Lilith · Mal Duncan
Teen Titans Annual When a number of Justice League members began committing crimes, a group of young heroes including Robin, Speedy, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash went to seek out Superman. Unable to locate the Man of Steel, the teens instead joined forces and were able to free their mentors from the power of an alien known as the Antithesis. Following this success, they decided to join forces as the Teen Titans, though Speedy stipulated he could only be a part-time member.

Following a series of successful adventure, the youths were involved in a tragedy that would alter their careers. At a peace rally, a riot broke out and the Titans, in their civilian identities, tried to stop the violence. Instead, they accidentally brought about the death of the keynote speaker, Dr. Arthur Swenson.

Shaken, the group plus Hawk and Dove, gave up their costumed identities for a time. It was at the urging of financier Loren Jupiter that Kid Flash, Speedy, Wonder Girl, Hawk and Dove joined his program of training teens to utilize their potentials. Also joining the program was the mysterious Lilith and Mal Duncan.

Regaining their confidence, the Titans once again donned their costumes and regrouped. Their adventures were less frequent but remained successful.

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