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Marvel Super Heroes

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Squadron of Justice

Captain Marvel · Mary Marvel · Captain Marvel Jr.
Bulletman · Bulletgirl · Spy Smasher · Ibis
Mr. Scarlet · Pinky the Whiz-Kid · Minute Man

Super Adventure Album #8 The heroes known as Squadron of Justice were originally published by Fawcett Publications, and were never part of a formal group during their original incarnations. Rather, they were brought together in 1976 during a JLA/JSA crossover event. The story was told in the Justice League of America #135-137 (and later published in Australia in Super Adventure Album #8, pictured at left).

The only characters here with any significant publishing history since the 1940s are Captain Marvel, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr. The rest have had only limited exposure due, I assume, to contractual and copyright considerations. As it is, I had to make up an origin of sorts for Mr. Scarlet and Pinky the Whiz Kid. I hope some use can be made of these guys.

So, without further ado, here is my take on Squadron of Justice:

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