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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

The Sportsmaster
Fighting:Excellent (20)
The Sportsmaster
Agility:Excellent (20)
Strength:Good (10)
Endurance:Excellent (20)
Reason:Good (10)
Intuition:Typical (6)
Psyche:Good (10)
Resources:Good (10)
Physical Description:
Height: 6' 2" Hair: Red
Weight: 197 lbs. Eyes: Blue
The Sportsman's costume and equipment varies according to the motif of his crime, but has typically included such things as exploding balls, flying skis (Typical airspeed, or 90 m.p.h.), etc. He has the equipment customized for him; none of it is extremely hi-tech.
Martial Arts B * Thrown Weapons * Blunt Weapons
Athletics (all forms) * Gymnastics * Piloting
The Injustice Society of America
"Crusher" Crock was one of the world's greatest natural athletes and excelled in virtually every sport, a number of which he played professionally. Crock was so obsessed with winning that he would do almost anything to win, no matter how unsportsmanlike or even brutal it was. Finally, after he permanently crippled another player during a professional football game, Crock was fired from the team and barred from professional sports as a whole.

Crock then decided to use his prowess in sports for crime. While disguised as the leader of a "mystery" team, he tried to rob the spectators at a polo match. However, he and his accomplices fled after clashing with the original Green Lantern. Later, Crock seemingly fell to his death while trying to kill Green Lantern.

Crock somehow remained alive and returned as the Sportsmaster, as a costumed criminal who used his athletic ability and ingeniously gimmicked sports equipment to commit robberies. Green Lantern battled the Sportsmaster, who again seemingly met his demise. Yet the Sportsmaster survived and set off explosions at Gotham City sporting events, and threatened to continue doing so unless he was paid protection money. This time Green Lantern captured Crock and sent him to prison.

Later, the Sportsmaster joined the Injustice Society of the World, to which the original, criminal Huntress also belonged. After committing the so-called "Patriotic Crimes," the Injustice Society was defeated by the Justice Society of America.

After leaving prison, the Sportsmaster and the Huntress married each other and became a criminal team: he planned their robberies, and she sought to capture any super-heroes who might interfere. The original Black Canary and Starman defeated the Sportsmaster and Huntress, but the two criminals have continued to work as a team on subsequent occasions. Their present whereabouts and activities are unknown.

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