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Marvel Super Heroes

Heroicus Personae

Fighting:Excellent (20)
Agility:Excellent (20)
Strength:Good (10)
Endurance:Good (10)
Reason:Good (10)
Intuition:Good (10)
Psyche:Good (10)
Resources:Remarkable (30)
Physical Description:
Height: 5' 10" Hair: Blonde
Weight: 156 lbs. Eyes: Blue
Speedy carries many customized arrows in his quiver, most developed by his partner, Green Arrow. The exact contents may change on any given case, but they have commonly included:
· Net Arrow:
Entangles target in Excellent strength net (range reduced to 2 areas).
· Cable Arrow:
Trails cable of incredible strength material (range reduced to 2 areas).
· Explosive Arrow:
Causes Amazing damage to a single target or area.
· Smoke Arrow:
Covers one area, equivalent to a smoke grenade.
· Tear Gas Arrow:
Covers one area, equivalent to a tear gas grenade.
· Acid Arrow:
Delivers Monstrous intensity acid to target (range reduced to 3 areas).
· Grease Arrow:
Delivers grease slick, usually in front of target; they must make yellow Agility FEAT roll or be thrown to the ground for a round (range reduced to 2 areas).
· Suction Cup Arrow:
Holds onto smooth surfaces with Remarkable strength.
· Magnetic Arrow:
Holds onto metallic surfaces with Incredible strength.
· Putty Arrow:
Adheres to rough surfaces with Excellent strength. May also gum up machinery with Remarkable ability.
· Flare Arrow:
Emits Good intensity light in 2 area radius, plus Good fire damage to target.
· Siren Arrow:
Generates Excellent intensity noise in every area the arrow passes through. Those within those areas must make an Endurance FEAT roll or be stunned for 1-10 rounds.
· Boomerang Arrow:
Returns to owner. May be coupled with other arrows (range reduced to 5 areas).
· Boxing Glove Arrow:
Inflicts Excellent damage to target (range reduced to 3 areas).
Archery * Tracking * Survival
Native American Lore * Hunting
The Seven Soldiers of Victory
Roy Harper and his father were flying in a plane when it crashed on Lost Mesa, a place far from civilization. Only Roy and his father's aged American Indian servant Quoag survived the crash. Over the Years they were stranded on Lost Mesa, Quoag taught Roy archery, which he used in hunting animals for food.

In New York City a museum curator suggested to Oliver Queen (a wealthy collector of American Indian artifacts), that he explored the remains of the Indian settlement on Lost Mesa, referring to it as a "gold mine" for relics. A crooked waiter overheard the word "gold mine" and, taking their meaning literally, followed Queen to Lost Mesa with a band of criminals.

At Lost Mesa, Harper and Quoag fought the criminals, and then ran into Queen. The criminals pursued all three of them, killing Quoag. Queen and Harper made their stand within a cavern that, to their amazement, contained a gigantic golden idol. Queen was a master archer, and he and Harper held the criminals at bay with their skills and escaped before the golden idol toppled, crushing the criminals.

As a result of this experience, Queen decided to become the costumed crime-fighter Green Arrow. Harper became his ward and costumed partner, and called himself"Speedy" after a comment one of the criminals at Lost Mesa had made about him. The Green Arrow and Speedy became members of both the wartime All-Star Squadron and the Seven Soldiers of Victory.

Energies released in the Seven Soldiers' battle with the Nebula-man hurled Speedy back to the time of the Greek myths, where he was turned into a centaur by Circe. He was rescued by the second Flash, the second Red Tornado, and Zatanna, who cured him and brought him to their own present (which was decades after Speedy had left the 20th century). Now Speedy is much younger than other people born when he was.

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